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My Story

I’ve always had terrible allergies.  My whole life.  I don’t know if it’s from diet sensitivities, antibiotic use as a child, vitamin deficiencies, gut health or a combination of all.

I’m always looking for more natural ways to support my body and my life.  I used to take Zyrtec or Claritin on the reg just to be able to function.  I have two cats plus peak pollen season for me was like a terrible-no-good-bad-day(couple of months) for me.  Itchy eyes, sneezing, fatigue, headaches, congestion, hives…you name it, I had it.  That’s no way to live!

Enter: Essential Oils

Allergies is what sold me on essential oils.  I surely liked the idea that these great smelling, tiny, little bottles could maybe replace my candles, or perfume.  (I’ve never worn any, so maybe I smell better now 😆)  Who knew they would allow me to be med-free and thriving 2 years later?!  I’ve been off of Zyrtec and have an oil routine that I love.

When I’m bogged down with allergy symptoms I make sure to diffuse every morning (while I drink my coffee!)  and at night when I get home.  My allergy SUPERPOWER is what we call the Allergy Trio:


This stuff is liquid GOLD.  Some people also take 1-2x/day in a capsule for allergies.  Some with extreme allergies also add Ledum and German Chamomile.  It just depends on the person!  Diffusing really helps me.

Also, Lavender put on the bridge of the nose and over sinuses can help dry up drainage.  Unlike Benadryl, Lavender is a natural antihistamine.  Around the eye orbital bones (never IN the eye, or on the sensitive eyelids)  can help tremendously with itchy, swollen eyes.  The eye blood vessels are designed to pull moisture INTO the eye, so whatever you put around will be drawn in.  This way you can absorb the benefits without causing the damage or discomfort putting in the eye could cause.  Cool, right?

Allergy issues are what brought a LOT of people to research and try oils.  Are you one of them?!






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Happy Experimenting!

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