Essential Oils

Getting Started!

If you’re like me at all (logical and realistic to a fault) it takes you awhile to jump on board with things.  Essential oils have become somewhat of a fad in the last couple of years.  That’s because they WORK!  I wasn’t so sure myself until I used them and experienced how freakishly awesome and amazing they are.  Go HERE for my full What-got-me-hooked-on-oils story.   2  years later and I can’t even imagine my life before!

If you’re ready to try them out yourself,  I’m your gal!  This post will tell you exactly what to do to get that pretty little box to your doorstep.  If you’re not quite sure yet, that’s completely fine!  But, hey, stick around, I’m always posting something new and cool on here.


The premium starter kit is truly the best way to get more bang for your buck.  It’s an over $300 value!  It comes with 11 oils, a diffuser, 10 sample packets, 10 sample dram bottles, 2 packets of Ningxia Red, a roller fitment, and lots of great info.

When you get this kit you are also getting a membership, which allows you to order again (only if you would like!) with a 24% discount.  Um, hello!

Here’s a graphic that shows the difference between signing up retail vs. wholesale:


Getting the membership also grants you a spot in our community.  Honestly, sometimes that’s the best part about these oils…the friends you make and the family you become.  Dreamers and doers, people!  We have secret Facebook groups, events, and classes where we’re always sharing testimonies, suggestions, and just having a good time.  When you sign up retail, you not only lose the discount, but you miss out on a team of people who can help you with your new oils.  We know its overwhelming because we were ALL there!

Follow this link HERE, it will lead you to Young Living’s sign up page, but it will already have my member number typed in.  Shoot me your questions!





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