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Traveling with Essential Oils 101

Oils save bro.  There’s no doubt about it.  I don’t go anywhere without them!  In my previous post Home Away From Home, I said I would do a post about my must-have oils to travel with.  Here it is!

So here’s the deal.  Essential oils are very versatile.  One can be energizing and calming all at the same time, it just depends on how your body needs it to work or how it responds to it.  This makes it super easy to take them on trips because you don’t need a lot! I have tons of oils, I would need a pretty big bag to take them all.  Plus…what a hassle.  Phew!

You never have to worry about not bringing enough.  Simplicity is key.  I have a clear bag that I take that always has more than enough room.  It’s about the size of a pencil case.


Here’s what I bring:

✦  Lavender goes everywhere with me.  We call it the swiss Army knife of oils for a reason.  Last July 4th I burned my finger lighting fireworks and lav and frank saved me!  Also good for sleep, pimples, sunburn, anxiety, and allergies!

✦  Lemon  is good for energy, immune support and also can get stains out!

✦  Peppermint  is good for nausea and motion sickness, indigestion, fevers and headaches.

✦  Stress Away  is a blend for when you just can’t even.  Flight delayed?  Someone bring their screaming kid onto the train and is sitting behind you?  Overdraft your bank account buying too much food/beer/souvenirs?  Never fear, thats why you packed this baby.

✦  Cedarwood gives me that dream sleep.  Knocks me out!  Mix with Stress Away and Lavender and you won’t care you’re sleeping on an air mattress or on that cold Airport bench.

✦  Tea Tree  for pesky breakouts or eczema flareups.  And bug bites! Also, immune support.

✦  Geranium  I put on my face every day before bed with Frankincense.  It’s my routine after I take off my makeup.

✦  Frankincense  See above!  This one is also just my fav.  Gotta bring along.  It’s grounding.

✦  DiGize  Think digestion.  All that yummy food you’re eating has consequences.  You need this! Smells terrible, but I put in a capsule and it does wonders.

✦  Thieves  Just in case you get sick.  It happens. Or if someone around you does, immune support!  You need that anyway riding in the car, train, plane, bus etc and using public restrooms and whatnot!

✦  Purification One word.  Okay, two words.  Bug.  Bites.  This takes the itch right out of them.  Also wards mosquitos off if you put some on before going outside!  Citronella, whoop whoop!  On my PA trip, my cousin’s husband felt like he was getting an ear infection so I gave him this to try.  He put it around his ear and couldn’t deny it helped with pressure and drainage!

img_1666✦  Copaiba  is good for inflammation and pain.  Also, is a “magnifying” oil which means it helps the other oils do their jobs better when mixed together!  I got a new piercing while in PA and, of course, I needed something that would help with pain and the healing process!  I put lavender, tea tree, purification, and copaiba on there 2x per day.


✦ Bergamot I just really like the way this one smells. It’s good for mood and anxiety but also replaces deodorant if you forgot that at home! Win!


So that’s the line-up!  Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any “Traveling with Essential Oils”  tricks up your sleeve!






Figured I would mention that in case you are traveling by plane, getting through security with your oils should be no problem!  The rule still stands liquids under 3 oz are fine.  Just put your bottles in a quart size ziplock and you’ll be golden.  You’re gonna want your oils after breathing all of that recycled air!


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