Essential Oils

Immune Support “Steal”

Suit up, I’m about to hit ya with some awesome oily info!  This post was from October so just do me a solid and disregard the fact that winter is, in fact, here, aaaaannnnd Christmas is over.  However, it also explains my pun-tastic Instagram account name: @queenofthieves__   Check it out!

I thought I’d start off with a little thieves! All you Game of Thrones fans can I get a haiiiiil yes?! 🙌🏼

Winter is coming, folks.

That means colds, flu, strep and other notorious school germs…but also Christmas, on a lighter note, because that’s how this blend smells!   With Cinnamon bark, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oils its very spicy and holiday-esque.

During the time of the bubonic plague, people were buried with their belongings.  Grave-robbers saw the opportunity but needed a way to avoid catching the crud!  So they would stuff the spices and herbs in their robes and wear a mask while looting those poor plague victims…classy right…yet effective 🤔😂


If I’m coming down with something I diffuse, apply topically, and take internally. Thieves is highly anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-septic. It can kill airborne bacteria and also jump-starts your body’s immune response to invaders by promoting the production of white blood cells (if that cold hasn’t set in yet, this is what helps kick it to the curb quick!)

Thieves is a “hot” oil so be careful and read up on dilution, safety and usage! My favorite ways are to put in a gel capsule, in tea, and rolled on my feet!  More on my Immunity roller to come! 👏🏼  (UPDATE That post is up now on the IG account!)

Happy Thieving!


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