Essential Oils

The One with the Oils

I haven’t posted in awhile, I’m still trying to get a hang of this whole blogging thing. Share your thoughts and personal life they said.  It’ll be fun they said.  *insert face palm

Okay soooo…real talk.  A big part of my life is essential oils.  Like when I say, “I’m in love with Frank” you might be silently rejoicing that I finally found my prince charming (eye roll) , but please, don’t be fooled.  I REALLY meant Frankincense.

But wait! There’s myrrh!

Theres not more.  I just like that joke and use it a lot.

Okay, so there is actually more, a lot more.  But thats what this blog is for!  Follow along if you’re interested in getting some oily intel.  Also find me on Instagram @queenofthieves__ and give me a follow on there too.  Ive had that account for awhile and its dedicated just to tips and tricks and how I use my oils personally.

Are you new to essential oils? They’ve become somewhat of a trend these last couple of years, but in my opinion, it’s more of a return to tradition. No doubt, you’ve experienced essential oils and you didn’t even know! Have you ever had a live Christmas tree? Or put orange peels down the disposal to help with the stink? Or smelled the fresh rosemary, mint or cilantro on your hands while cooking in the kitchen? Those are eos, my friend. And don’t lie, they smell awesome 😆😉

The bottles are no different…extracted from plants, oils are substances that work on a cellular level and can affect you both physically and emotionally. They say the 6 best doctors are sunshine, water, air, rest, exercise and diet. Our bodies are alive, we have frequencies and energy that require the same in return to be able to survive. Processed foods, canned goods, sodas and sugar etc are lifeless. They have no sustainable influence on our health. At the risk of sounding TOO nerdy…..a good range for our bodies typically is 62-78 MHz. Disease begins at 58 MHz.

-canned goods 0 MHz
-fresh produce 15 MHz
-fresh herbs 2-27 MHz
-dry herbs 12-22 MHz

Now here’s the kicker. Essential oils begin at a frequency of 52 MHz 😱😱😱 research proves that they provide an environment where microbes, bacteria, viruses, and fungi can’t live.  Return.  To.  Tradition.

Facts like these amaze me and make me love oils that much more.  I started this blog, as well as my IG account because I love sharing about them.  I want as many people to know about them as possible because oils changed MY life and I want everyone to have that same chance.

Personally, I use Young Living.  When it comes to products I use on the daily, I want them to be pure and safe enough for me and my family to put on our skin and even ingest!  Think about it like buying organic produce vs the alternative.  Might be more expensive at first but TOTALLY pays off in the end!  Trust me when I say Bath and Body works lavender smells nothing like the real deal.

I trust YL completely and they have proved themselves to me over and over the past couple of years.  The integrity and standards of this company are out of this world!  I have friends who have even been lucky enough to hear Gary Young speak and they say he is crazy passionate about the oils.  I don’t know about you, but a man who can talk for half an hour about dirt has my vote 😉  Speaking of which, the farms are all YL owned, organic, and non-pesticide using.  In fact, drum-roll please…they have an oil for that!  Check out their Seed to Seal promise here

See you on the “oil” side!

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